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Helping entrepreneurs build accountable businesses

Understand Business Model

Garbage in is garbage out, so before going into numbers you need to make sure you fully understand all the implications of your business model.

Challenge Costs & Revenues

Assess every block of you business model canvas and challenge yourself what kind of impact this has on your costs and revenues. When you have covered this, you are ready to build you financial model.

Validate Financial Model

Just as you validate assumptions about your customers, you need to validat eyour financial model. You do this by asking an optimist, a pessimist and a realist. Together they will give you the balanced feedback you are looking for.

Quantify learnings

What gets measured, gits done. Measure your learnings to create a continuous feedback loop that supports the firm's metric driven objectives and enables tracking.

Define key metrics

Use Objectives and Key Results (OKR) to set and communicate goals and results in your organisation. It helps you define the most important key metrics making people move in the right direction together.

Track progress

Save your quentified learnings in a record. It is your company's metric diary that helps you understand the progress you make. Building up this historic data will help you predict the future more accurately.

Define relationship

Who are your stakeholder? And who of them should be well informed or just monitored? Do you know which ones should be satisfied to maintain the support to your venture? Questions you should all know the answer to in order to properly communicate.

Communicate progress

Share information (preferable in easy-to-read reports) to keep stakeholders up to date, which gives them the chance to give you the valuable feedback you need. Be transparent and make sure you communicate clearly.

Keep them relevant

All businesses change when time passes, some quicker than the others. Therefore, stakeholders will change as well. Make sure to understand who are still relevant and do not waste time on the ones that aren't.

Way of working

Building a succesful business is all about execution. Therefore, use proven work methods like Lean, Agile and Scrum to execute your strategy. As a consequence, it will create the culture you strive for.

Balance competences

A balanced skill set in your company is key to success. However, you might not have them all in-house. Therefore, complement your own competences with mentors and advisers.

Manage Due diligence

This process where a) people investigate your business or you as a person before signing a contract, or b) you investigate people or potential partners. Therefore, strict and clear administration is essential. Examples are company structure, shareholder agreements, IP, Tax, etc.

Are you building a business or do you have an expensive hobby?

of new businesses fail


  • Poor financial planning

  • Neglecting legal matters

  • Unclear performance indicators


  • Structured financial strategy

  • Proper legal governance

  • Defined objectives and key results


Online tools

Together with our partners in the startup ecosystem, we are developing the tools you will need for knowing what you don't know yet. Stay tuned.

Offline advice & execution

We feel your pain: so much advice and so little execution. We advise where possible and help execute where needed. No cure, little pay. We all benefit when we get the job done. Let's start with a coffee.


"Because innovation matters."


We've founded various startups, been accelerated, received mentorship, given mentorship, failed fast, succeeded slow and ultimately came together to help with the most important part of our startup eco-system: focus.

Nicholas Morgan

The Generalist; innovation enthusiast. Talks business and gets it done.


Atte Anema

The Structure Guy; tough as nuts. Focused and direct.


Ivo Valente

The Hacker; has an on/off switch. Robot or human? Pure passion for tech.


Joris van der Steuijt

The No-Nonsense Guy; honest and direct. Extremely Dutch.


Carlos Torres

The Visionary; always looking at the long term. As yellow as it gets.


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